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EuSim Simulation Instructor Course Level 1 – English

This special EuSim course uniquely combines the expertise of different simulation centres and experienced multi-disciplinary instructors (physicians, nurses, medical educators, and a psychologist).


  • The Level 1 European Simulation Instructor Course provides a mixture of theory and practice and emphasizes feedback relevant for learning in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. Participants work in small groups with close instructor interaction.

  • The course language is English. Good knowledge of the lanquage is necessary.

  • Experienced faculty from several simulation centres in Europe.

Course goals

  • Enabling participants to start running simulation-based courses for acute care medicine addressing issues of crisis resource management (CRM).


  • Contents

    • Familiarizing participants with the simulator and simulation environment.
    • Designing andrunning scenarios.
    • Debriefing (structures, difficulties, video use, annotation systems).
    • Errors in medicine and patient safety.
    • Principles of adult learning.
    • Course Design.
    • Roles of the simulator instructor & networking.
  • Methods

    • Experience, practice and feedback
    • Theory inputs
    • Hands-on workshops
    • Structuredreflections