Level 1 EuSim Simulation Instructor Course ENG

This special course uniquely combines the expertise of different simulation centres and experienced multi-disciplinary instructors (physicians, nurses, medical educators, and a psychologist).

The Level 1 European Simulation Instructor Course provides a mixture of theory and practice and emphasizes feedback relevant for learning in a safe and stimulating atmosphere. Participants work in small groups with close instructor interaction. The course language is English, requiring being able to take part in conversations.

Course goals

Enabling participants to start running simulation-based courses for acute care medicine addressing issues of crisis resource management (CRM)

Target Group

Health care professionals who want to use simulators and simulations for teaching.

Course contents

Familiarizing participants with the simulator and simulation environment; designing andrunning scenarios; debriefing (structures, difficulties, video use, annotation systems); errors in medicine and patient safety; principles of adult learning; course design; roles of the simulator instructor; networkin.


Experience, practice and feedback; theory inputs; hands-on workshops; structuredreflections


Experienced faculty from the simulation centres in Copenhagen, Denmark (DIMS), Tuebingen, Germany (TuPASS), London, UK (BARTS), Bilthoven (METS), The Netherlands and other international partner centres.


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€1300,- p.p. vrij van BTW.


3 days, not available


V&VN: 20 points
ABAN: 18 points

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