Privacy statement

This statement provides information about how the METS Center processes personal data provided as part of the activities and services offered by the METS Center.

Contact details

METS Center
Post office box 392
3720 AJ Bilthoven
T +31(0) 30 755 10 00
F +31(0) 30 755 10 09

Goals and grounds of the processing

The METS Center processes trainee information.

Trainee information

The METS Center processes trainee information in order to be able to execute the agreement with the trainee and to settle administrative and financial matters related to that agreement. Personal data are solely processed for their designated goal.

Source of the processed details

When personal data was not provided by yourself, it is possible that the source of the data is your employer.

Transferring personal data

Parties such as central registers or your employer might receive your personal data after you acquired certain educational results.

Transferring data to international organizations

Personal data are usually not transferred to international organizations. When legal grounds other than the GDPR apply, transfers are explicitly recorded and communicated to all parties involved.

Data Storage Period

The METS Center stores personal data related to education up to 6 years after your last course, allowing you and/or your employer to request or consult relevant information in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Rights as an involved party

You have multiple rights based on the General Data Protection Regulation. When you want to use these rights, you can file a written request through the contact details provided in this privacy statement. It is important that you identify yourself by means of a valid ID. The rights that you have are listed below.

Right to inspection

You can request which details about you the METS Center processes, to what goal the METS Center is processing them and for how long they are stored.

Right to rectification

When you suspect that certain data have not been processed correctly, you have the right to request a rectification of these data.

Right to data erasure (right to ‘oblivion’)

You can file a request if you want your personal data to be erased.

Right to restrict processing

You can file a request if you want to restrict the processing of personal data by the METS Center.

Right to transfer of data

You can request for your personal data processed by the METS Center to be transferred to a different party.

Right to objection

You always have the right to object to the processing of your personal data based on your specific situation. You can file a request when you want to use this right.

Right to not be subjected to automized individual decision-making, such as profiling

Because the METS Center does not participate in automized individual decision-making and profiling, you cannot execute this right.

Retract permission

When the METS Center processes personal data with your permission, you have the right to retract that permission at all times. You can file a written request.

Possible limitations in the execution of your rights based on the General Data Protection Regulation

The METS Center does everything in its power to comply to your rights based on the General Data Protection Regulation. However, it is possible that these rights are in conflict with other regulations, such as legal administrative obligations. In such cases, the METS Center will carefully consider which of the cases preponderates and will then decide how your request will be handled. You will be informed about this in a letter.

Complaints about the processing of your personal data by the METS Center

When you have complaints about the processing of personal details by the METS Center, we would like to hear this via the contact details provided at the top of the privacy statement. You also have the right to file a complaint with the supervisor, the Dutch Data Protection Authority. In order to do this, you can consult their website: