The METS Center uses the application of simulation education and skills training to train healthcare professionals to improve patient safety, in a safe environment. The four pillars of the mission are defined as follows:

Aimed at the health care professional
Simulation education and skills training
Safe learning environment
Improving patient safety

The METS Center is a training institute where we share knowledge, give advice, and organize simulation education and skills trainings concerning patients in acute critical condition, both in prehospital and clinical setting. An area of specialized expertise in the prehospital setting is the training for the ambulance dispatch center.


It is becoming increasingly customary for healthcare institutions to focus on quality norms that have been prompted by the importance given to it by societal partners. Following these developments, expertise-increasing courses have appeared within healthcare institutions, separate from the already existent initial education. Education and training are a means to keep further developing professional expertise (“lifelong learning”). Testing this can be an instrument to guard the professional quality. The defined mission, combined with the aforementioned knowledge, has led to the following vision:

The METS Center aims to be a frontrunner in developments regarding (medical) skills training and simulation education overall. The METS Center aims to do this asking didactically schooled teachers and (inter)nationally certified instructors to design and execute training products.
Both skills training and simulation education and assessments require more attention to a safe learning environment.
Regarding skill and simulation education, the METS Center sets new standards an leads the Dutch market.
Scientific research to substantiate and verify designs, execution and efficiency of skill and simulation education should have a place in this.

Practical experience

The power of our teachers and instructors lies in the fact that they are still working in acute healthcare, while also developing and teaching for the METS Center. We use an extensive network of healthcare professionals with experience in different fields. This ensures that our teachers and instructors can easily use their theoretical knowledge for practical examples and uses. These different talents and skills enable the METS Center to offer a fitting solution, teacher or instructor for any demand.

What we offer

We offer a variety of trainings to healthcare professionals from different fields. If you have a specific training request, we will gladly create a fitting training for you. Our well-educated teachers use modern education formats and facilities specifically for simulation education and assessments.